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Self-Care & Wellness Holiday Gift Ideas

When it comes to holiday gifts and shopping this year I have been very late to the game and I must admit I am struggling to focus on shopping when there is so much on my mind. All that stress got me thinking. Why not, focus your gift giving this year on the wellness and self-care of those you love. Instead of buying another tie or useless item the person may never need, focus on self-care gifts that area intentional and focused on improving the mental health and well-being of your loved ones. In today's post I am breaking down some of my favorite self-care and wellness focused gift ideas for this holiday season.

Self-Care Holiday Gift Guide

Self Care And Wellness Holiday Gift Ideas

So what is a self-care and wellness gift? In my mind they are gifts that prioritize the person's wellbeing through sleep, wellness, relaxation and healthy habits. You will see each of the gift ideas in my gift guide focus on prioritizing self-care. I hope you enjoy these gift ideas!

1. Meditation Subscription

Meditation has helped me cope with some of the most difficult times in my life specifically during my cancer journey and during COVID. Giving the gift of a meditation subscription through Headspace would be the perfect self-care gift. I love the Headspace has different meditation options for every emotion, challenge, or challenging aspect of life you may be navigating. The gift of a yearly subscription is currently online for only $69.

Self Care Holiday Gift Ideas - Meditation App

2. Meditation Seat

I also found this adorable meditation seat on Amazon and thought it would be a great gift idea for someone new to meditation or an experienced meditator. Having a designated space for meditation is a great way to unwind after a long day and get a good night sleep.

3. CBD Gift Sets

CBD has been life-changing for me this year when it comes to my mental health and self-care. I wrote all about my experience with CBD in this post and continue to use and love the Equilibria products. The CBD bath salts included in this bundle are one of my favorites along with the Mint CBD drops. I use my consistent CBD gels and drops to help with my good night sleep and keep my anxiety at bay. You can always get 15% in addition to holiday sales with MYCANCERCHIC.

Self Care Holiday Gift Guide

4. White Noise Machine

Ever since we had Mason and he started sleeping with a sound machine, I find it relaxing. It's so helpful for both falling asleep and getting a good night sleep. Many sound machines also have a night light which is great for your bedroom or your child's.  Check out this White Noise Machine which is a great gift.

5. Silk Pillowcase

I started sleeping on a Silk Pillowcase a few years ago when Mac got me one as a gift. They are so good for your skin and your hair. Of course like pink one, but it comes in tons of colors. I find the cooling nature of the pillowcase and how super soft it is also helps me get a good night sleep.

6. Scalp Massager

Who doesn't love a Scalp Massager for pure relaxation? This is an essential in many gift guide because we all know how great it feels to have someone else play with your hair, shampoo your hair or just give you a scalp massage. This gift is from Amazon so it will also help you save time. The perfect gift for the person who really needs to unwind this season.

7. Sleep Patches

I haven't tried these Sleep Patches yet but hear such good reviews. There are transdermal patches enriched with herbs that claim to promote deeper, more relaxed sleep. We all have a lot of stress, particularly around the holidays. This is the perfect gift to give someone a good night rest.

8. Happiness Prompts

Whenever my self-care and mental health are struggling, I try to focus on gratitude. These Happiness Prompts are an awesome gift to support that mental mind shift to more gratitude. Before you start a long day I find it's a great way to start the day off on a positive note.

Want more cozy gift ideas? Check out these Amazon Finds.

9. Plush Robe

A plush robe is a perfect gift for anyone in your life who loves luxury, coziness, and relaxation. There is something about a cozy robe on cold mornings that is amazing. This particular robe is super soft and perfect for someone special in your life. This robe comes in multiple colors and is under $50.

10. Pom Pom Slippers

Part of self-care and wellness is slowing down. For me having slippers on is the epitome of slowing down. It's a great way to unwind after a long day and snuggle up with a good book. These slippers are super soft plush velvet and come in multiple colors.

11. Eye Mask

An eye mask is a great way to shut out the light in your room and have a great night sleep. I love this eye mask that is silk and super soft on your face. It's the perfect gift for anyone who is in need of more restful sleep. You can't beat the price at under $10

12. Beautiful Mugs for Coffee or Tea

For me drinking coffee is part of my self-care ritual. Coffee mugs are wonderful gifts for relaxation. Think about gifting a pretty mug with a satchel of green tea, coffee or hot cocoa. The mugs from Amazon are a great price and save time on shipping and errands.

13. Yoga Mat

Since this gift guide is focused on fostering self-care and wellness, a pretty yoga mat is a great way to encourage movement and healthy habits. I love this thick yoga mat for both meditation and yoga practice.

18. Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils can be a great tool for stress relief and calming. If you know someone who needs some stress relief in their life this holiday season, think about gifting this essential oil diffuser. I love that it comes with a few essential oils as a starter kit. If someone experiences headaches frequently or nausea, a peppermint essential oil roller ball is a great stocking stuffer gift idea.

14. Luxurious Pajamas

Sleep is something we do every day but having an evening routine and luxurious pajamas make the activity feel more special. I love having cute and super soft pajamas as they help me sleep better and stay cool. These button-down PJs are so cute and perfect for anyone in your life who needs a little more fun in their nighttime routine and sleep habits. Give the gift of coziness this season.

15. Motivational Water bottle

Part of self-care is staying hydrated. I recently got this motivational water bottle and it's a great way to focus on drinking more water throughout the day. I love that the bottle has times to keep you motivated and a reminder to refill when it runs out. This is the perfect gift for someone who is focused on their health and well-being this season and into the next year.

16. Gratitude Journal

Shifting your focus to gratitude is a great way to build habits of self-care and reflection. This particular gratitude journal is extremely popular and the perfect gift because it already has the prompts included and should only take 5 minutes each morning. This is the perfect gift for anyone in your life that you love and want to support their well-being.

19. Bath Salts

While self-care is so much more than baths, baths are a wonderful way to unwind, reflect and care for your body. I love Epsom salts with eucalyptus as well as the bath salts from Equilibria that I linked above which include CBD. Epsom salt is great for sore muscles and body pain. Bath salts are a great gift for people that you love and acquaintances because who doesn't love a relaxing bath. Check out these bath salts with essential oils for a quick and budget-friendly gift.

19. Weighted Blanket

When it comes to wellness it is a mix of physical and mental needs. I find that weighted blankets have a great impact on mental states such as anxiety and stress through the comfort of the physical touch and weight. You can get different weights depending on the person and their preference and experience with weighted blankets. Have you tried a weighted blanket? It's so cozy to snuggle up in and the perfect gift for this colder wintertime. This weighted blanket is so cute and comes in multiple colors.

Which self-care and wellness gift ideas did you like most? I hope you found some perfect gifts for the friends and loved ones in your life to help foster well-being and relaxation. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!


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