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Watching a loved one navigate cancer can be scary and confusing. You may not know how to help or ease the pain they are going through. While meals and logistics are thought of, mental health needs are frequently overlooked.

Cancer can take so much physically and it also impacts the person's mental health and body image. Cancer patients can feel lost in a new body, struggling to find acceptance.

While you may not be able to relate to this experience as a loved one, acknowledging this struggle and showing your support can be life-changing.

Help your friend or loved one foster self-compassion and healing with affirmation cards custom-made for cancer thrivers.

As a survivor myself, I struggled with negative body image and depression after active treatment. I realized.  the things I was saying to myself internally were so nasty I would never say them to a friend. The "Talk to Yourself Like a Friend" affirmation cards came from this realization and my healing.

I started reminding myself that my inner monologue should talk to me like a friend.  I started using mantras and affirmations to support my body image and mental healing.

Show your support for a thriver's mental health

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We are so honored to have sold out of our first product launch - The Cancer Thriver Affirmation Cards. As we are a small business, we need to gauge interest before investing in a restock. Please sign up below if you are interested in purchasing the set and want to be notified of a restock.


After many years of dreaming and over a year of design and production with my graphic guru Amarylis @thecutefeminist, we now have these beautiful and impactful cards available to buy. They come in a set of 48 affirmation cards designed to inspire & empower cancer thrivers during healing.

Each card has an individual affirmation of self-compassion & empowerment as well as a phrase explaining how to put it into action. Each image accompanying the statements is uniquely inspiring and the back of the cards show artistic representations of cancer thrivers at all stages of treatment and survivorship.

Help a thriver start their self-compassion & empowerment journey with these powerful affirmation cards (Sold Out)

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affirmation card showing bald breast cancer survivor
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Gift these self-compassion affirmation cards to a cancer thriver in your life (sold out).

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Sample Affirmations

"My body is worthy of love at all stages of healing."

I will show my body the love it deserves in every season of life.

"I allow uncomfortable feelings to teach me what I need to know."

I will sit with the discomfort in this moment.

After facing my own struggles with body image and mental health going through cancer and during survivorship, I designed these to be like the healing words of comfort you get from your best friend. I want cancer thrivers to read these cards with the kindness of a loved one knowing they are worthy of self-compassion as they heal and evolve.

Start talking to yourself like a friend today and overcome the negative inner monologue during healing.

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Cancer Thrivers' Reviews

I am ABSOLUTELY in love with the affirmation cards. I cannot wait to use these myself and gift them to our fellow breasties. I read through every single card, and love everything about the cards. The thoughtful messages and beautiful design provide comfort and positivity, and the cards acknowledge the emotional challenges of the cancer journey while offering support.

I especially love how the cards visually embody diversity and inclusivity - race, body type, surgery type, hair color lengths, etc., and I just love how simple but powerful each card is. The user experience was great, and I appreciated the affirmations on the top and the “I statements” at the bottom.

- Michelle 3-year survivor

I sat with the cards and looked through them and they are absolutely magnificent - every single word. I love the representation in them and the messages were so touching!

I pulled one out for myself this week that I am going to put on my mirror for the week, "I am healing gently"

These are going to be such a great way to help other patients and survivors heal.

I love them

-Aisha 2 year survivor

Finally, the gentlest of words have been artfully crafted to bring light to the difficult thoughts, feelings, and emotions that many often encounter following a cancer diagnosis.

Elements of self-love, body kindness, and self-compassion are thematic in the number of impactful messages shared alongside simple but beautifully inclusive imagery. No matter one’s skin color or scar appearance, comfort and representation can be easily found throughout.

The corresponding “I” [verb] statements at the bottom of each card are especially helpful in demonstrating to the reader how to take action. I love that each supportive statement has the power to transform and shape thoughts into those that promote healing and inner peace.

I can’t wait to gift my fellow cancer community friends with “Talk to Yourself Like a Friend” affirmation cards!"

-Mindy 7 year survivor