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Wrapped in Love – Cancer Gift Ideas

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Finding ways to show love and support to friends, family and loved ones battling cancer can be challenging. I am always on the lookout for gifts tailored to make cancer patients feel comfortable, supported and stylish during treatment. Feeling and looking good while your body is going through such pain can make all the difference during your treatment experience. Today I am sharing about the perfect cancer gifts from Wrapped in Love.

Cancer Gifts: Wrapped in Love

I learned about Wrapped in Love over 2 years ago when I modeled one of their wraps at the Living Beyond Breast Cancer conference reception. Sadly, I don’t have any pictures, but I just remember being so cozy in the red fleece wrap I wore in the reception hall where the AC was blasting. When The Motherhood reached out to me about working with Wrapped in Love, I jumped at the opportunity to share their pieces with all of you.

The Story Behind the Brand

Karen originally started Wrapped in Love after watching her mother go through cancer treatment. As many of us can relate to, her mother struggled with body image during treatment. At times she didn’t want people to visit her because she was embarrassed by her sickly appearance and the ugly hospital gowns. She felt chemotherapy had stripped away her dignity and confidence. Karen decided to design stylish and comfortable hats and kimono-like wraps for her mom to wear over the hospital gown or on top of her clothes. . The wraps incorporated flowers a tribute to her mothers passion for gardening. As her mother began wearing the items, her spirits began to lift and Karen could see her confidence rebuilding. Karen’s inspiration is now available to caregivers, friends and family members looking for the perfect gift for their loved one going through cancer.

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Confidence & Style During Treatment

I too went through feelings of self-doubt, sadness and embarrassment surrounding my appearance during and after treatment. Being able to control my appearance with clothing, makeup and accessories, helped me define my story. My sickness no longer controlled me me, and instead I was able to create the appearance I wanted to project. I took chemo appointments on as a new fashion challenge. I was always thinking about what I could wear that would be stylish, warm and practical? Wrapped in Love pieces would have been perfect for my appointments.

Cancer Survivor Reading_Model Wrapped in Love Wrap

It’s all in the Design

Karen designed the wraps and headpieces with patient needs in mind and that’s what I like the most. She even completed focus groups with nurses and patients to ensure the fabrics don’t irritate sensitive skin and that the styles accommodate IVs, ports and other practical needs.  I chose to try the lightweight black wrap that I thought would be perfect for this time of year. It can easily be draped over the arms for warmth or cinched in the front for a more stylish look. Even though I am a little further out from treatment, I could even see wearing this over a summer dress at a cold restaurant.

Wrapped in love shawl tied_outside

How to Show Your Support

As a caregiver or friend, you may struggle to feel like you’re making a difference but your presence, your support and your kindness makes all the difference. When I was able to bring gifts from loved ones to my treatment, I felt comforted knowing their love and support was with me. When active treatment ends, many times that support dies off. Sadly, this is when patients need support the most. Whether it’s during treatment or after, you can give the gift of comfort, and confidence to your friend or loved one with any of the awesome pieces from Wrapped In Love.

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All About My Model

Wrapped in Love_Cancer Patient_Inside

I had the honor of gifting the Wrapped In Love wrap I received to my survivor sister Stephanie. She was amazed by the comfort and style of the items. Stephanie finished chemotherapy in December, and is currently finishing her Herceptin regime. The wrap looked gorgeous on her and she plans to incorporate into her summer wardrobe and take it with her to the remaining hospital visits.

Thank you to Wrapped In Love for sponsoring this post.

I received the items for free and was compensated for my feedback. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


    Melisande Balleste

    April 26, 2018Reply

    The wraps are beautiful. I am glad those in active treatment can still look beautiful. I remember when I was going through chemo their was a young survivor which I was so happy because at least I was not alone due to the fact their were rarely any young people. Any how, my mother and I were always amazed at her style especially how she wore turbans. She always look beautful, and her fashion resemble something right out of Vogue magazine. I always looked forward to a fashion show in the chemo suite. Wonderful distraction in such a diffcult time. Great blog post as always.


      April 27, 2018Reply

      What a wonderful addition to chemo. I tried to do the same thing. Sadly I never saw any other young fashionable women, but it made me feel better regardless. Thanks for all your support as always.

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