Survivor Guide To Post Mastectomy Clothing & Bras

If you are navigating breast cancer treatment, a double mastectomy or unilateral mastectomy may be part of your plan. You may or may not choose to begin breast reconstruction as well. As you prepare for your surgery, it's helpful to understand what post-mastectomy clothing and bras will help you address some of the biggest challenges of surgery and recovery. These are the top recommended pieces I suggest for breast cancer patients.

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Survivor Guide To Post Mastectomy Clothing & Bras

In today's post, I will take you through practical tips, style insight, and survivor insight on the best post-surgery bras, compression bras, and comfortable clothing to help with your major surgery recovery! We will also talk through where breast cancer patients can buy mastectomy bras & clothing, what is covered by insurance companies, and which companies sell breast forms and bras.

Selecting Post Mastectomy Clothing for Recovery

Healing from a mastectomy is hard both physically and emotionally. So, in this post, I hope to share all my insight as a 8-year breast cancer survivor having gone through over 6 breast cancer surgeries to help you select the best comfortable and functional post-mastectomy tops, clothing, and bras for recovery.

Want more physical, emotional, and mental tips for how to prepare for your mastectomy? Check out this post and get my free preparation guide!

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Post Mastectomy Clothing Recovery Checklist

Recovery Robe with Drain Management Belt

Mastectomy patients will want a soft recovery robe with easy access for surgical drain access, healing, and medical dressing management. The Meina Robe with Drain Management Belt from AnaOno is my top recommendation due to the adjustable nature and functionality of the design during your surgery recovery. The drain belt that comes with the robe allows for comfortable and secure storage of your drains without pulling on your wounds and entry sites.

  • Luxury & Comfort 
  • Functional &
  • Able to tie/step into no need to lift arms during healing
  • Soft and non-irritating 
  • Sizing: OS (size 0-12) and PS (size 12-22) adjustable (AnaOno Fit Guide)
  • I am wearing size OS
  • Colors: black, dusty rose 
AnaOno Meina Drain Belt _Mastectomy Recovery Essentials

 2. Loose Fit Lounge Pants with Surgical Drain Pockets

After breast surgery, you may have a limited range of motion and need easy access in and out of clothing. Also, you will want pants with an elastic band that are easy to pull up easily with one hand as you manage pain in the chest area and sensitive skin all over your body not just limited to the surgery site. Moreover, soft, functional clothing that is breathable is a good choice, particularly while you are on pain medication and may not have the best sleep.

  • Made from the same modal material as the AnaOno super-soft bras perfect for sensitive skin
  • Helps you stay cool during hot flashes and post-surgery fluctuations and healing
  • Interior pockets helpful for drain storage
  • Sizing Tips: true to size, high rise  Sizes S-XXL (AnaOno Fit Guide)
  • I am wearing: Size small
  • Colors: black, dusty rose 
post mastectomy clothing _recovery robe

 3. Front Closure Bra

After breast surgery, you will need a suitable bra with a front closure and fabric made for sensitive skin. Also, your hospital will likely send you home with a generic compression bra for the swelling. But I think it's a good thing to have an alternate post-mastectomy bra with plenty of support and breast prosthesis pockets to carry you through your recovery and your breast reconstruction surgery if that is part of your plan.  Moreover, astectomy bras can be found at some main retails and mastectomy boutiques. But I suggest shopping for your mastectomy bra from AnaOno prior to surgery so you don't have to worry about shopping for a bra when you have limited range of motion and likely won't have the emotional bandwidth to go in person and deal with that process. So, these are my favorite post-surgery AnaOno Bras.  Don't forget to get a prescription from your surgeon so you can submit to your insurance company for at least 1-3 mastectomy bras following your mastectomy surgery.

  • Rora Front Closure Bra

    • Racerback with convertible straps for traditional wear for a different look
    • Voted best post-mastectomy bra by InStyle magazine
    • Snug fit and great support for comfort after surgery
    • Front Closure for easy dressing after surgery
    • Ideal for radiation as well due to its irritation-free design
    • Soft on incisions and sensitive skin
    • Comes with modesty pads for shaping and comfort. 
    • Sizing Tips: XS-3X 
    • I am wearing: Size Large
    • Colors: black, dusty rose, ivory, sand
    •  (AnaOno Fit Guide)
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  • Bianca Front Closure Sports Bra

    • Doctor recommendation for breast cancer surgery & fat grafting recovery
    • Soft & Supportive
    • Power stretch cups & mesh back for cooling 
    • Racerback with a wide back bridge for additional support through the back and underarms
    • More support than the Rora to help with swelling in the breast area after the surgery
    • Pocketed for breast forms, padded cups, or FooBs and eligible for insurance coverage 
    • I used this during my fat grafting recovery and LOVED it
    • Sizing Tips: XS- 3X (AnaOno Fit Guide)
    • I am wearing: Size Large
    • Colors: sand, black 
AnaOno Post Mastectomy Clothing for Recovery _ drain belt
  • Leslie Post Mastectomy Bra 

    • Step into this product - ideal for limited range of motion during post-surgery recovery
    • Mesh panels for breathability
    • Limited support
    • Underwire free and soft design for sensitive skin and incisions
    • Pocketed for breast forms, padded cups or FooBs and eligible for insurance coverage
    • Great for recovery, lounging, and exercise.
    • Higher neckline helps when you have surgery dressings or want more coverage
    • Bra Size Tips: true to size, high rise (AnaOno Fit Guide)
    • I am wearing: Size Large
    • Colors: black, ivory

Shop the Ana ono post-mastectomy clothing & bras to make your recovery or that of a loved one more comfortable and confident.

Post Mastectomy Clothing For Recovery Recap

There is a lot to think about when it comes to preparing for your recovery but I don't want your post-mastectomy clothing and bra choices to be something causing you stress. Also, I hope these recommendations for what to wear home from the hospital as well as what clothing will aid your recovery are helpful as you navigate your breast cancer surgery. So, check out the FAQ below for more post-mastectomy clothing & bra information.

FAQ : Post Mastectomy Clothing & Bras for Recovery 

What should I wear immediately after a mastectomy?

What should I wear home from hospital after mastectomy?

  • When it is time to leave the hospital, you will want to wear clothing that is soft on your sensitive skin and can easily be put on without raising your arms. Also, you will have a limited range of motion and will have to wear the compression bra for some time so it's great to have a wrap dress, larger button-down shirts, and loose lounge pants you can easily pull on. So, you will also want shoes you can slip on because you may not be able to fully bend to tie or adjust your shoes.

Should you wear a bra after mastectomy?

  • Yes, you are required to wear a compression bra for swelling right after surgery and for many weeks. Generally, your surgeon will give you guidelines for how many hours a day you need to wear the hospital compression bra and when you can switch to a softer, more comfortable post-mastectomy bra like the AnaOno options I shared.

How long do you have to wear surgical bra after mastectomy?

  • The length of time that you will have to wear a surgical bra after your mastectomy will vary on whether you have reconstruction as part of your surgery and whether you have any chest area complications. The general timeframe is 4-6 weeks of recovery bra but many times you can swap the annoying hospital surgical bra for a more comfortable post-mastectomy bra within a few days.

How does a mastectomy bra work?

  • Based on your breast cancer surgery type, how much tissue you have removed, and whether you elect to go through reconstruction surgery a mastectomy bra will serve different purposes. For some people, the mastectomy bra is simply to provide compression following surgery. For other people, you may have elected to have reconstruction and need a soft, wireless bra to fit your new body form and unique breast shape. For others who elected to have a single mastectomy or do not have reconstructive surgery, you may be taking advantage of the pocket within the bra to hold a removable breast form or prosthesis. Luckily AnaOno Intimates has mastectomy bras to fit every unique breast cancer surgery and experience including implants, previvors, and those who choose to stay flat.


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Breast cancer survivor, lover of style, beauty and all things pink! Inspiring you to thrive through adversity. 



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