Is Botox Right for You? Why I Decided to Get Botox

Let’s be honest, we all want to look younger, but aging is a natural part of life, and one I am grateful for after cancer. For the longest time, I thought Botox and fillers were not for me and somehow went against my passion for self-love and wellness. Is Botox really right for you?

So what changed my mind? Keep reading to find out and get the inside scoop on my Botox experience with Amelia Aesthetics

Thank you to Amelia Aesthetics (formerly Skin Raleigh) for partnering on this post.

Is Botox Right for You? Why I Decided to Get Botox

Is Botox Right for You? Why I Decided to Get Botox

Botox Vs. Self-Love: Challenging My Misconceptions About Aging

Following my breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, I was left with evidence of aging beyond my years. Despite regular exercise, eating well and caring for my skin, my appearance didn’t match how I felt inside.

My under-eye area became a major source of frustration. No matter what I tried, I looked tired and haggard daily.

Before and after Botox

Why Get Botox or Fillers?

For the longest time, I felt like cosmetic enhancements went against my values of self-love and acceptance. I had that misconception that by choosing to modify my appearance, it meant I didn’t love myself as I was.

What ended up changing my mind was that I really came to be OK with myself after cancer. It was only once I truly rebuilt my confidence and self-image that I felt secure enough to make a decision about Botox and fillers. Whether I loved myself had nothing to do with it.

Filler and Botox became tools like makeup (but more expensive) to help me enhance my natural beauty and let my thriving spirit shine through.

Stress & Aging

While my aging process was sped up by cancer, women everywhere face various stress that impact their appearance. Maybe it’s a death in your family, raising children, a divorce or a chronic illness — emotional stress of any kind can do a number on your skin. While my post-cancer self celebrates the gift of aging, it doesn’t mean that I want all those years to show!

Skin Raleigh Botox and Filler Consultation

Everything You Need to Know About Botox

You had so many great questions, and I now have the answers from Amelia Aesthetics nurse injector – so let’s jump right in.

New to Botox & Fillers? Do Your Research

After learning about tear trough filler on YouTube, I became hooked on this route as a solution to my deep tired eyes. As I was completely new to fillers and injectables, I researched the procedure for months! After talking to many providers in my area, I decided to go with Amelia Aesthetics based on their excellent reputation and highly qualified staff.

A local friend of mine Gretta has been with Amelia Aesthetics since their beginning days and set me up for a consultation to confirm I was a good candidate for under-eye (tear trough) filler. When determining my treatment plan, we decided to add in Botox (two weeks prior) to help relax the muscles around the eye and limit potential pulling on the filler. I later decided to try Botox for my frown line and upper forehead as well

When to Get Botox

Do you have lines on your face that you can see with a resting expression or creases that stay a while after a big smile or raised eyebrows? If so, you may be a good candidate for Botox. My injector and I joked that if you wore scrunchies in school and watched the Rugrats it’s probably time for Botox.

Botox can be used preventatively or correctively. Botox can be used for younger women to prevent deep lines/wrinkles from becoming static. The large frown line between my eyebrows is a perfect example of one that would have been easier to treat preventatively before it became so strong and static.

Pre-Botox Deep Frown Line

How to Choose a Botox Provider

This step is extremely important!!! All those Botox horror stories you hear are from people who went to poor providers. If done correctly, Botox won’t be noticeable. Ideally, you’ll just look rested and refreshed.

How to Choose a Botox Provider

When looking for a provider, I suggest you browse provider photos, ask women in your area, and book a consultation appointment. Don’t be afraid to book multiple consultations and use the opportunity to get a sense of a provider’s work. I wanted a natural and not “overdone” look, and that’s exactly what I saw at Skin Raleigh during my consultation.

Don’t have local recommendations? You can also search for a provider in your area. Ensure the provider you choose uses certified nurse injectors and has a wealth of experience. I found that looking at previous clients’ results was a great way to gauge the injector’s style and experience.


Botox Example Crows Feet
10 Days Post- Botox – Crows Feet Only

Botox takes under a minute to inject and feels like a little stick with no residual pain. One major myth is that you will be able to see your Botox results immediately. Most people will be able to see results in 7 days but it can take up to 12 days for results to be fully evident.

In my experience, it was SO fun to slowly see the results set in. By about day 10, I could tell a difference. Keep this timeframe in mind if you are planning your Botox for a big event or a trip.


Botox pricing can vary based on the brand, provider, and location. Injections are measured in units and in my area the prices are generally $11-14/unit.

To give you a sense of how much you may need, I got 4 units on each side for my Crow’s feet and 15 units for my middle frown line. The stronger the muscle, the more Botox you will need to relax the area. Over time, as the muscles relax, you may be able to get fewer units.

before and after Botox Crows Feet

Looking for ways to save money? DO NOT use a “budget” provider! Instead, ask a reputable provider about generic options or sales they may offer around the holidays. You can also ask an experienced injector how they would recommend using your budget to best achieve the results you want with fewer units. Many providers also offer yearly Botox memberships that end up being cheaper than paying a la carte.

after Botox forehead

Potential Risks

Botox is FDA-approved, and if done by a medical professional, it should be a quick and easy procedure.

Those who are pregnant, planning to get pregnant, or have a skin infection at the planned injection site should not get Botox. Once we begin our next FET cycle my Botox maintenance will have to be put on hold. Many of you have asked if Botox is safe for cancer survivors, and the answer is YES. Keep in mind that if you are on chemotherapy or have a neurological disorder, you should not get Botox.

Allergies? It is possible to get an allergic reaction from Botox, but it is rare. Botox is a medication, and thus, there is the potential for adverse reactions. Keep an eye on your face following your injection, and contact your doctor if you experience itching, redness, or hives.


Is Botox Right for You? Why I Decided to Get Botox

Following your Botox, you should not lie down, do inversions (yoga), or do intense exercise for at least 4 hours. Makeup is OK right after as long as it is applied lightly.

Longevity & Long-Term Effects

Botox effects

Botox is FDA-approved to last 3-4 months. The reality is each person’s body is different, and some metabolize Botox faster or slower. As the Botox wears off and is absorbed into your body, the muscles will begin to be active again. I have been getting Botox for 4 years now and mine lasts 5+ months now.

To relax stronger muscles, such as the frown line between your brows, you may need to get more regular injections to achieve the desired result. For minor Crow’s feet or less static lines, you may be able to go up to 6 months between injections.

Botox before and after frown

The more frequently you get Botox, the weaker that muscle will become. Long term, your face will learn how to avoid deep frowning or creasing movements. You won’t look frozen, your facial muscles will just be weaker and thus cause less exaggerated creases. Discuss your long-term treatment goals with your injector to ensure you achieve the desired results and understand the reality of maintaining the look.

Botox results

Botox Recap

I am THRILLED with my Botox results. To be honest, I only tried Botox as a way to improve the results of my under-eye filler, but once I saw the crow’s feet results, I was hooked. I cannot get over how much Botox opened my eyes, lifted my brows, and made me look rested and refreshed! I feel great about my decision because I did it for ME!

Remember, if you are thinking about cosmetic enhancements, it is SO important to do it for the right reason. Botox and fillers will never ‘cure” your insecurities. Finding self-love and acceptance is a long and difficult journey, and you have to do that hard work. Once you’ve done that work more power to you if you want to modify your appearance. Just remember that Botox and filler do not define you! You are beautiful with or without them.

I hope I covered all of your questions and piqued your curiosity about Botox. Stay tuned for a full review of my under-eye (tear trough) filler coming soon, and in the meantime, check out the video I made of more “behind the scenes” footage from my experience with Skin Raleigh. You can find more videos from my Botox & Xeomin experiences on my Instagram.



    February 23, 2019Reply

    What if I grew up watching Chuck Norris and McGuyver? I’m probably ready for some work too. 😉

    I love you babe, and it really does look great. I felt bad for not saying anything (or even noticing) when you came home from your appointment… but I guess that’s the whole point of getting a quality professional to do the work.



      February 23, 2019Reply

      Hahah you’re definitely a piece of work and likely ready for some work too hehe. Xoxox


    February 23, 2019Reply

    Hi! I finished chemo ( 2nd time ) in October. How soon can I get Botox or filler ???


      February 23, 2019Reply

      I’ve heard some say 6 months but definitely ask your doctor


    February 23, 2019Reply

    Thank you for sharing this!!!! It’s super helpful.


      February 23, 2019Reply

      I am so thrilled to hear that! Thank you for reading

    Marsha Greer

    February 25, 2019Reply

    I’m so grateful to run across your site!! You rock. I’m 49 and starting Chemo in 2 days. You have positivity, upbeat vibe, fashion galore and tips that are so wonderful! I was struggling and I’m so glad I found you! I needed this. I’ve see the cons and I know it’s there. Just wanted to make my chemo experience as positive as can be.
    Thanks Anna! You are in my prayers and thoughts!


      February 25, 2019Reply

      Thank you so much for sharing. I am so glad I could help in some way!

    Erica McCready

    February 25, 2019Reply

    Your results are AMAZING! Self love is whatever makes you feel like the best version of yourself, I think we can all get behind that.


      February 25, 2019Reply

      Thanks so much girl! I love that definition of self-love


    March 17, 2021Reply

    I don’t think that’s necessarily true that if you have a neurological disorder that you shouldn’t get Botox. Lots of proof to back up this false statement.


      March 17, 2021Reply

      As I am not a medical provider or licenses injector I was recommended by my injector to suggest anyone with neurological issues consult their doctor before making injection decisions.

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