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How to Use Affirmation Cards

If you are a cancer survivor, living with the emotional impact of struggling against this traumatic disease may be a daily battle. You’re likely familiar with the crushing loneliness and worry that can accompany survivorship. But did you know that using positive affirmation cards can help?

Positive affirmations have been proven to improve psychological resilience and reduce anxiety in cancer survivors, making these little reminders of self-love and hope powerful tools to draw on during times of distress.

This guide will show you how to use positive affirmation cards.

How to Use Affirmation Cards

How to Use Affirmation Cards

What is a positive affirmation card?

Simply put, a positive affirmation card is an item designed to help you focus your thoughts on affirmations or phrases that have the power to improve your outlook and attitude through mental rewiring. The messages do not remove the struggle you are facing or negate the trauma but help you process the feelings related to your struggles. 

These cards often feature inspiring quotes or messages written in an uplifting font style, color, and size.

They can be stored in a wallet or pocketbook and used whenever needed to remind you of how capable and worthy you are.

Benefits of Using Affirmation Cards

Research has shown that using affirmation cards can help cancer survivors to cope with the lingering emotional effects of illness, reduce stress levels, and restore their sense of control.

Specifically, these cards can help boost self-esteem, foster a positive outlook on life, and increase feelings of joy and contentment. Additionally, having physical items such as cards or photographs that remind you of your strength and resiliency can be an important tool for self-care.

Surrounding yourself with positive affirmations can shift the way you see yourself and the words you hear and say internally.

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How to Use Affirmation Cards

How to Use Affirmation Cards

To make the most of your positive affirmation cards, here are some tips:

Write your own affirmations.

Writing positive affirmations in your own words can be more meaningful and authentic to you than those written by someone else. Plus, it will make the card that much more special! The act of physically writing your affirmations can also help you reflect and internalize the statements.

Make sure the affirmations resonate with you personally.

It’s important to choose affirmations that reflect what you need to hear in order to feel empowered and uplifted.

Read your affirmation cards aloud.

Reading affirmations out loud can make them more powerful, helping you remember to believe in yourself and remain resilient even when things get tough. Speaking the words out loud also helps you retrain your internal voice and combat the negative thoughts in your mind.

Place the cards where you’ll see them often around your home or workspace.

Seeing the card will build the statements into your everyday life and allow you to continually reframe your thinking. The affirmation cards can help you build a powerful relationship with yourself. 

Share your affirmation cards with others who may need a pick-me-up.

Spreading the love can be an incredibly powerful way to support each other in times of struggle. Also letting your partner and family know how affirmation cards are helping you can be a powerful means of accountability.  

How to Use Affirmation Cards

4 Ways to Use Affirmation Cards

Find Affirmation Cards that Resonate with You

The first step is to find cards that resonate with you. Look for affirmation cards that speak to your individual needs and desires, such as cards featuring words of comfort or encouragement. For an even more personal touch, you can create your own cards using artwork that reflects your values and goals.

Read an Affirmation Daily

Once you have the right cards, it’s time to put them to use. Start by taking a few moments each day to read through your cards. As you do, take a deep breath and focus on the words that jump out at you; these are likely the ones that will be most impactful for you. As you repeat them in your head, imagine feeling more secure and confident in yourself and your abilities.

Keep Your Affirmation Cards Nearby

Another way to use your affirmation cards is to keep them in areas of your home that you can access easily. Placing one by your bedside or on the mirror in the bathroom, for example, will serve as a gentle reminder throughout the day to focus on positive thoughts and feelings.

Try Different Methods

Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment with different methods for using your cards. As you develop a practice that works for you, don’t hesitate to adjust things and find the perfect way to make these cards part of your daily routine.

4 ways to use affirmation cards

Why are affirmations so powerful?

Affirmations can counter negative thoughts with positive statements. It helps establish healthy thought patterns, prevent self-destructive behavior, and eliminate feelings of low self-worth or pessimism. Reciting affirmations out loud is particularly beneficial for deeper internalization.

Do affirmation cards work?

Absolutely. Regular use of affirmations can help survivors reclaim control, decrease stress levels, and reconnect with their authentic self.

Affirmation cards are a great way to bring these powerful tools into your daily routine and lift up your spirits during challenging times.

When should you use affirmation cards?

The best time to use affirmation cards is when you’re feeling low and need an uplifting reminder of your own strength and resilience. You can also keep them around as daily reminders of your capability and worth. Building affirmations into your daily life helps build ongoing resilience. 

Final Thoughts

Affirmation cards are powerful tools that can help cancer survivors cope with difficult emotions and reinforce feelings of self-love and hope.

With some experimentation, you can use these cards to turn negative thoughts into more positive ones –helping you to cultivate a more optimistic outlook and bring more joy into your life.

Ultimately, the best way to use affirmation cards is whatever works for you. Whether it’s taking time each day to read through them or simply placing them in areas of your home that will remind you to pause and take a moment for yourself, make sure that the practice brings you comfort, joy, and peace.

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