Chic Pink Christmas Tree Decor

Unsurprisingly, my love of pink would come out regarding Christmas tree decor.

Pink Christmas Tree ideas

For as long as I can remember, decorating the tree has been my favorite part of the holidays, and I usually repeat my color scheme for my tree and the house for at least two years to extend the life of the decorations and save money.

If you want Christmas tree decor ideas, you will love this chic white and pink Christmas tree.

How to Decorate a Chic Pink Christmas Tree

How to Decorate a Chic Pink Christmas Tree

There are so many color schemes out there for Christmas trees. The most common are red, green, silver, gold, or a combination.

While I love red for the holidays, pink is a color that screams femininity. I love the way pastel pinks look with white and gold and sparkle. And it brightens up my home for the holidays.

Christmas Tree inspo

For the chic pink and white tree, I collected a mix of white Christmas decor and pink ribbon and ornaments to build the perfect girly pink tree.

Save my pink tree to inspire your Christmas tree decor this year. All of my supplies are linked at the bottom of this post for easy shopping.

Flocked Christmas Tree

I used to love a real tree, but ever since we did a fake tree while I was in chemotherapy I have loved it. It’s SO easy to unbox and put together. And I loved the flocked detailing. It makes me think of snow and feel like it’s a white Christmas.

Chic Pink Christmas Tree Decor

Pink Tree Step 1: Wired Ribbon

I used to be intimidated by ribbons on Christmas trees, but I loved the look of the ribbon every time I looked for decor ideas. I finally found a tutorial that helped me understand the important steps.

Chic Pink Christmas Tree Decor

First, cut the ribbon into 6-8″ pieces or 18″ strips. Be sure you are using wired ribbon. Once you have the ribbon cut, it will be easy to weave it in and out of your tree in whatever decor style you like.

With the shorter pieces, you can tuck one end in and the other in, or with longer strips, you can weave it in and out to create that ribbon-type effect on the tree. You can cut the ribbon to size if you have a mini tree.

Chic Pink Christmas Tree Decor

You can choose a ribbon to match your Christmas color scheme. There are tons of silver and gold ribbons at any retailer around this time of year. I chose a rose gold shimmery pink ribbon and a white fur ribbon for my tree. I love using different textures in my holiday decor to make the tree look more three-dimensional.

Pink Tree Step 2: Large Florals

It’s common to find red poinsettia or silver and gold flowers, but when I found these white flowers, I knew they were perfect for my color scheme. Some of the flowers are light pink with a sparkle as well, and these are a great accent for my decor.

Flowers on your tree are a great way to fill sparse areas and minimize the number of ornaments you need to use. I got my pink and white flowers at Walmart for super cheap. But I know many holiday places carry similar fake flowers to match your holiday color scheme.

Chic Pink Christmas Tree Decor

Pink Tree Step 3: Minimal Pink Ornaments

I like to keep my ornament decor simple. I only add a few sets of pink ornaments, mixing some matte and some sparkly. My pink pewter ornaments are from Home Goods, but I linked some similar ones.

Minimal Pink Ornaments

I also fell in love with this pink Sparkle Starbucks ornament. You can take the same approach with silver and gold ornaments or use decor to match any other color scheme.

pink Sparkle Starbucks ornament

Pink Tree Step 4: Floral Stem Topper

Regarding the Christmas tree topper, I wanted something to make a statement. There are tons of white Christmas toppers or silver and gold angel or star toppers, but those don’t fit my style, and I am not religious.

Instead, I decided to make my decor for the topper out of floral stems from Michaels. I used silver glitter and pearl white stems to create a holiday topper I love.

Chic Pink Christmas Tree Decor

Pink Tree Step 5: Pink Tree Skirt

There are so many fun ways to decorate the base of your tree for the holidays. Some ppl like to use baskets or galvanized tubs, while others like the basic idea of a tree skirt.

I found this pink fur tree skirt a few years ago at Home Goods, and I am obsessed. Target also has a pink fur tree skirt this year, which I think you all will love.

Pink Tree Skirt

I hope you all enjoyed this breakdown of my Christmas decor. I love decorating my tree with white and pink, but you can pick a color scheme that works well for you and your family.

Our family holiday greeting card in 2023!
Our family holiday greeting card in 2023!
family holiday card

Save this post for Christmas tree decor ideas, and tag me if you recreate this look @mycancerchic on social.

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