How One Brunch Caused Me to Rethink My Beauty Routine

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Confession: I’ve never given much thought to what I put on my skin. I’ve been a long-time sun bather, drug store makeup wearer, never-read-the-label kind of consumer. Since having a baby and realizing that what I put into my skin directly affects my daughter, I’ve given much more consideration to clean beauty and incorporating this movement into my life.

Thank you to Erica from I Style DIY for today’s guest post. 

Clean Beauty Brunch & Makeup Class

Trellis Class_Blogger Brunch Class

The Bloggers Brunch Clean Beauty event at Trellis Beauty, hosted by Anna was the perfect opportunity for me to learn more and connect with other blogger babes who are giving serious thought to the beauty products they’re using every day. So, what does an afternoon at a clean beauty boutique look like for a novice like me? Friends, food and fall trends!

clean beauty class display

Trellis Beauty owner, Tracy created the most beautiful set-up for Anna’s guests complete with cupcakes and rose (because what’s brunch without cupcakes and rose?!).

Fall Makeup Trends

Focusing on eye and lip trends for the fall, Tracy walked us through some amazing looks to try this season while explaining technique and the importance of using clean beauty products. While a gorgeous smokey eye might be the finishing touch, understanding and actively seeking out healthy alternatives to nasty ingredients in some makeup brands is key. Afterall, beauty starts from the inside!

Going Outside Your Comfort Zone

Because Tracy provided us with the right tools for our skin, we were able to focus on perfecting our outside. I fell in love with the copper tones from Elate and she really pushed me outside of my beauty comfort zone by having me try their Kink lipstick. Brown lipstick?! I would have never given this shade any consideration but it was gorgeous!   

Trellis Beauty_Eye Tutorial Demo 2

Master the Smokey Eye

I had so much fun learning how to create a copper smokey eye that transitions perfectly from day to night. With Tracy’s help and step-by-step guidance on Anna, I felt so much more confident choosing colors that have previously been off-limits to me because of some silly rule I set up for myself years ago.

trellis beauty-eyeshadow

The Right Brushes Change Everything

In addition to getting a front row seat to Anna’s makeover, we were each given a brand new luxe 6 piece eye brush set from MOTD. These gorgeous brushes are vegan and cruelty-free but the best part, they’re actually labeled for what their intended to be used for! What a novel idea, right? These babies are built to last longer than most animal fur bristles and are anti-bacterial, keeping your brushes from creating a breeding ground of dirt and oil for your skin.

Trellis Beauty Class_Brushes

Clean Beauty Take Aways

Okay, so what did I learn?

It’s all about you

We all have a choice with what we put into our bodies. Trellis Beauty is all about educating ladies and men on clean beauty initiatives and focuses on selling products with ingredients that are ethically sourced and made with the health of our bodies and environment in mind.

It doesn’t have to be intimidating

 While learning about the importance of removing toxic chemicals from my routine can be scary, it really doesn’t have to be. Tracy takes her job seriously. She’s a great educator, she’s inspiring and helpful. And the best part, she isn’t judgemental (I don’t have to throw any makeup away, yay!). Learn more about Tracy and her path to clean beauty

There is no loss of creativity

I think sometimes when people hear “clean beauty”, they don’t understand that making a conscience switch to a brand whose focus is on non-toxic materials doesn’t mean all of the fun and creativity of doing your makeup is gone. Clean makeup still offers the same gorgeous color palettes and on-trend looks.

There are no rules

I’ve heard this time and time again but still, I have shied away from intriguing colors because “I’m a Winter”. It’s bullshit. Wear the colors you’re drawn to (just make sure to BLEND)

Trellis Class_Group Photo

My Clean Beauty Future

Buying my mascara or foundation from the same store as my chicken and cereal is easy. It’s convenient and requires no effort on my part. Remember, I’ve been a never-read-the-label kind of consumer–until now. This isn’t to say that one day I won’t get lazy and purchase products out of convenience instead of doing my research into the best possible brands but, this single brunch has caused me to gain more insight into what I put into my body and rethink my beauty routine. Taking advice from Tracy herself, “Remember that it is about progress not perfection.”

trellis beauty-detox your routine

Learn more and join us at an upcoming Trellis Beauty event.  Photography by McKenzie Claire.

XO, Erica


    Melisande Balleste

    September 26, 2018Reply

    Thank you 👍 post. I wish in the look good feel better class they talked about clean 💄. In fact an updated class on 💄 should be established for those when you hair is growing back and your skin is not so pale.


      September 26, 2018Reply

      That is such a great idea! Helpful to know how to adjust your makeup as your hair returns.

    Marissa|Shabby Chic + Cheap

    September 26, 2018Reply

    I love the attending this event and reading through this post. Erica is spot on, it is about progress not perfection! I’m making small steps into incorporating more clean beauty products into my routine and it’s so great to have the support of people like Tracy and Trellis to help guide me along the way!


      September 27, 2018Reply

      It’s so much more fun when we realize it doesn’t have to be done all at once! It’s a process and can be done in phases

    Mac Crollman

    October 1, 2018Reply

    What a great post. I especially love the photos in this post, they’re amazing.



      October 1, 2018Reply

      Erica did a great job on this post and McKenzie is a master with photography.

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