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What Patients Really Want in a Breast Cancer Gift Basket

As you watch a friend or family member go through breast cancer treatment, finding the right words to say, let alone the best cancer gifts to show your support can be hard. This guide will give you ideas for building a cancer gift basket with survivor-approved and requested thoughtful gifts.

What Patients Really Want in a Breast Cancer Gift Basket

Breast Cancer Gift Basket Essentials

Gift-giving is a means of showing support but sometimes the most thoughtful gifts are not the most commonly thought of, particularly when it comes to cancer patients.

As a breast cancer survivor myself and armed with feedback from 100s of survivors, I can confirm these ideas will be sure to help during a difficult time such as cancer treatment or navigating life after cancer. (Learn about my story here!)

When making gift boxes or sending a chemo care package, also keep in mind the personal preferences of your loved one.  It's perfectly acceptable and thoughtful to ask your loved one if they have any food aversions or preferences before sending your gift.

You should also consider the personality of your friend or loved one when picking humorous or inspirational gifts. Some people love dark humor, while others may find more comfort in inspirational words.

Now, let's dig into some breast cancer gift basket ideas!

How to show you care for someone just diagnosed with breast cancer.

Logistical Support

When you are first diagnosed with breast cancer, the shock of your situation and treatment plan may have yet to sink in fully.

For loved ones thinking about the best way to help during the initial breast cancer treatment, the best way can be showing logistical support

  • Dropping off home-cooked meals (be sure to check on food aversions/preferences). Sweet treats can be a good pick-me-up but may not be desired by every breast cancer patient.
  • Providing gift certificates for groceries, restaurants (this was immensely helpful for my family), or a healthy meal delivery service.
  • Setting up and managing a meal train, care calendar or other support calendar is so helpful. Support Now offers a platform to collect money, meals and volunteers
  • Offer to walk the dog
  • Arrange a home cleaner - Cleaning for a Reason is available in some places and will provide free cleaning for cancer patients.
  • Offer childcare, carpool help, or provide kids activities at home.
cleaning for a reason - breast cancer gift basket ideas

Emotional  & Inspirational Support

In addition to logistics support, the most important way to be a good friend is to check in regularly. There are not going to be any perfect words, but cards, snail mail, and checking in with simple texts can be the perfect gift. Cancer can be very isolating and knowing that others are thinking of you can be a helpful part of the cancer journey. Not sure what to say to a close friend or family member with cancer? Try these phrases!

one more chemo down
breast cancer gift basket - boob coffee mug

What do you put in a breast cancer gift basket?

When building a chemo care package or gift basket for someone undergoing breast cancer treatment, try adding a mix of practical and fun items. Also, keep in mind they have probably received 20 pairs of soft socks and at least 10 adult coloring books (which I loved), so try to get items that are a little more unique.

All the items below were favorite gifts recommended by breast cancer survivors at all stages of the cancer journey and recovery.

Personal Care Items & Pampering

Body Lotions

Make sure to choose fragrance-free and check the ingredients to avoid chemicals and natural irritants. La Roche Posay has a full line of products that are safe for  oncology & radiation patients. Use ANNA15 for 15% Off.

Bath Salts

Bath salts are great for relaxing baths and healing post-surgery. Again pick ones free from chemicals and strong fragrances. Other survivors also recommended shower gels. The first shower after surgery and restrictions can be such a peaceful and amazing experience.

follain everything soap
Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is essential when your immune system is compromised. Try to pick a hand sanitizer with aloe to add moisture to dry skin or a hydrating hand soap like this one from RawSugar.

Gift Card for Oncology Massage

Make sure you check with the provider to ensure they are certified in oncology massage. Other breast cancer patients also suggested an at-home massage gun as a useful gift.

Lip Balm

Your skin can be extremely dry during chemo and your lips may be chapped. This lip mask is magical and makes a great gift for any breast cancer patient.

Face Masks & Clean Beauty Makeup

This was a highly requested gift idea from survivors. If you are looking for safe beauty products and ideas check out the Clean at Sephora line and CleanerBeauty, Follain and Credo Beauty! Get more clean beauty recommendations in this blog post.

Plush Blankets

This is something every survivor loved and didn't mind getting 20 of them. I love this checkered plush blanket from Amazon. If you want to do a really high-quality plush blanket the Barefoot Dreams one is amazing.

breast cancer gift basket ideas - surgery recovery items

Surgery Recovery Items

After surgery, these fantastic items can help your loved one find comfort during everyday acts like showering, sleeping, and riding in the car.

Button Up Pajamas

There is a range of emotions after surgery that is difficult and button-up pajamas can be so helpful. Splurge for a super soft pair to include in your breast cancer care package. It will be greatly appreciated. Many survivors also shared that they loved receiving soft slippers.

Park Puff Seat Belt Cover Pillow

Also, it is a wonderful handmade seat belt cover perfect for anyone recovering from breast surgery. *Founded by a fellow breast cancer survivor!

Park Puff Seat Belt Cover Pillow
Axilla Pilla

So, Axilla Pilla is the best pillow ever created for those who recover from breast surgery. The design and fabric are chosen for recovery, sleeping, and comfort. Breast cancer survivors highly recommend this as a special gift as it aids so much with sleeping.

Recovery Brobe

So, it is designed for women undergoing any breast surgery. The Recovery Brobe is functional and feminine. Also, inside the robe are two pockets on either side to hold post-op drains (which are awful and super annoying).

Moreover, it features a front closure bra (included in the robe design) and built-in pockets to hold ice packs and/or a prosthetic breast and is detachable for added comfort throughout the day. Use MyCancerChic for 15% off your purchase.

recovery robe
LuxePalette Blankets

LuxePalette offers cozy and inspirational blankets for those surgery and chemo recovery days. One survivor said this was a unique gift with beautiful family photos on it.

AnaOno Recovery Robe with Drain Belt

Mastectomy patients will want a soft recovery robe with easy access for surgical drain access, healing, and medical dressing management. Get 10% off all AnaOno purchases with 'CANCERCHIC'. More post-mastectomy clothing recommendations are in this post.

Mastectomy & Wedge Pillows

Sleeping after breast cancer surgery can be very difficult. In order to make it easier a great gift idea is pillows made with survivors' recovery in mind. The sleep again pillow set is a great option invented by another breast cancer survivor. Learn more about the pillow system in this blog post and get 15% off with 'CANCERCHIC15'

breast cancer gift basket idea- white breast cancer baddie tumbler

Chemotherapy Gift Ideas

Wondering what to include in a comfort basket for your loved one to take to the infusion room? These survivor-recommended gift ideas would be great to put in a gift basket.

Stylish Chemo Head Turban - breast cancer gift basket idea

I hope all of these gift ideas help you feel more confident and empowered to support your loved one that's facing breast cancer. You can put together your own gift basket or send items directly to your special person.

No matter what you provide know your support is the part that will be most appreciated.

If your special person doesn't like gifts, consider donating to breast cancer research in their honor. This is another great way to honor their struggle and show your support.

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Breast cancer survivor, lover of style, beauty and all things pink! Inspiring you to thrive through adversity. 



    Christine Owens

    December 4, 2022Reply

    Damn It Doll
    My chemo bag was Canvas Tote bag with words and messages encouragement written by family and friends.
    Cute button front PJs. Lounge wear and Zip Up Hoodies
    Velco wrap bath towel


      December 5, 2022Reply

      Fantastic ideas!!! Thanks so much for sharing.

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