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2018 Year In Review: 10 Reflections & Highlights

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How is it possible that another year as flown by. Time is a crazy thing because it can heal wounds, open new doors and force us to prioritize our lives. I am of the mind that before we can welcome a new year, we must reflect on the past to glean valuable insight and truly appreciate all that we have been honored to experience.

Year End Reflections

Year End Reflections

I had so much fun sitting down to compile my 2018 highlights. There are so many joyous and painful moments worthy of documentation but I narrowed it down to 10 because, let’s be honest, “ain’t nobody got time for that”.

1. Stopped all my hormone blocking cancer medication to begin the process of trying to start a family after cancer.Year End Reflections_Family Planning

More on the family planning process

2. Walked the runway at NYFW for AnaOno X Cancerland representing breast cancer thrivers everywhere. Year End Reflections_NYFW

Read my reflections on self-confidence following the experience. 

3. Bonded with hundreds of breast cancer thrivers at the #YSCSUMMIT18

YSC Summit 2018 Group Photo

Learn all about the YSC Summit and how you can attend this year.

4. Experienced great joy and loss when I got pregnant naturally but lost the baby in an ectopic pregnancy.

Year End Reflections_Ectopic Pregnancy

Read our story on the blog

5. Began an amazing partnership with Healthline to launch their Breast Cancer app serving breast cancer thrivers around the globe. 

Healthline Breast Cancer Partnership

Learn more about the Healthline Breast Cancer app. Stay tuned for more 2019 Live Chats I will be hosting in the app.

6. Partnered with Novartis for the 2nd Annual KissThis4MBC campaign raising over $200,000 for MBC research

KissThis4MBC Group Photo

Learn more about the campaign.

7. Honed my public speaking skills at multiple events including UNC Rex Hospital where I had the opportunity to educate physicians on how to meet the mental and physical needs of young breast cancer patients.

Year End Reflections_Public Speaking

8. Met an amazing group of local bloggers and began working with local female owned companies

Trellis Beauty Blogger Event

Trellis Beauty is one of my favorites. You will love their clean beauty boutique. 

9. I was honored to be named the runner up for the Top IHadCancer Lifestyle Cancer Blog of 2017 alongside my gal Rach who won!

Year End Reflections _I Had Cancer Blog Awards

Check out all the amazing nominees. 

10. We began the Frozen Embryo Transfer Process

Embryo Transfer Cycle More on the embryo transfer process here and here.

There are so many more moments I am proud of from 2018 but I just could not include them all. Check out all the places My Cancer Chic was featured in 2018 including some articles I wrote for other companies. I am SOOOO humbled and honored to share my life with you all.

Living With Intention

After reflecting on my growth, pain and success from last year, I have decided that I want to live by intention instead of specific goals. Goals feel so finite and seem to be more black and white. They are either achieved or they’re not. Intentions and priorities feel more like a way of life though, a focus for the year. These are a few of the intentions that I plan to live by in 2019.

1. Prioritize rest & self care

2. Make business decisions based on impact (ie. ensure my business decisions positively impact my followers and community)

3. Put family first

4. Practice gratitude in every aspect of my life. 

Big Plans for 2019

While I can’t spill all the beans on everything planned for 2019, I can tell you it will involve some travel adventures, a super exciting partnership, a podcast feature, and so much more.

I’ll be laying low in early January for some much needed self-care and rest, but late January will bring some big changes and exciting projects! Be sure to stay tuned in the blog and social media so you don’t miss anything.


    Melisande Balleste

    December 31, 2018Reply

    ❤️ this wishing you the best in the New Year.


      December 31, 2018Reply

      Same to you dearest

    Julie Moser

    December 31, 2018Reply

    ant wait for 2019!!


      December 31, 2018Reply

      Yay me too! And we’ll be reunited at YSC soon!


    January 21, 2019Reply

    Thank you so much for your blog! Such a positive format! Sending positive energy toward a healthy pregnancy.


      January 21, 2019Reply

      Thank you so much

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