Life After Cancer

5 Years Cancer Free & How I Learned to Thrive

Learning to Thrive After Cancer

I never thought this day would come and yet here I am, thriving after cancer. 5 years from the day I was told I had breast cancer at 27 years old. Today I celebrate 5 years cancer-free. While cancer will always be a part of my story and a risk factor in my life, 5 years is a huge milestone. To commemorate the last 5 years of survivorship, I am looking back at all the ways I have been able to thrive through adversity. I hope my journey continues to bring you to hope and inspires you to thrive after cancer

Learning to Thrive After Cancer
Learning to Thrive After Cancer
Learning to Thrive After Cancer

I am a survivor & I am thriving after cancer!

  • I have taken the pain of my journey and turned it into a resource for others! This blog will celebrate 5 years in August (read my very first blog post)
  • I used my experience to teach healthcare professionals how to better serve their young patients mental and physical needs
  • I traveled to Europe and visited my dream city (Paris)
  • I turned My Cancer Chic into an official business something that helps support my family and brings me a sense of fulfillment and joy
  • I founded and ran a local support group for young women with breast cancer so they can learn to thrive after cancer
  • I landed a new job in local government putting my education talents to use
  • I survived and healed from 2 pregnancy losses and wrote about them to help other women
  • I gave a TedX talk on how to thrive in times of uncertainty
  • I was a guest on multiple podcasts
  • I walked in NYFW and showed women everywhere that post-mastectomy bodies are strong & beautiful
  • I gave birth to my son
  • I got 3 more tattoos commemorating my strength, hope, and love for my son.
  • I get to share my life and my journey with 11K of you on Instagram
  • I got to serve on the CDC Advisory Committee for Young Women with Breast Cancer

And the list goes on from everyday moments of joy to larger milestones I will never forget. I have found that life is what you make it. I could have spent the last 5 years living in fear but instead, I chose to live each day with positivity. Did I have rough days? Of course, but I got through those times by leaning into the discomfort, accepting that it's OK to not be OK, and then giving myself space and time to heal.

No matter what you are going through, or how dark things may be today, know this is not the end. You are worthy and able to thrive no matter what life throws your way. Better days are coming.

Learning to Thrive After Cancer

Tips for Thriving After Cancer

  1. Own Your Story
  2. Accept that it's OK to not be OK
  3. Show yourself grace
  4. Put your energy into things & people that make you feel alive!
  5. You are not alone - Find Your Tribe
Learning to Thrive After Cancer
Learning to Thrive After Cancer
Learning to Thrive After Cancer

Some of My Favorite Posts from the Past 5 Years


Breast cancer survivor, lover of style, beauty and all things pink! Inspiring you to thrive through adversity. 


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    July 9, 2020Reply

    Your blog has inspired my cancer journey. Thank you! Congratulations on 5 years!


      July 9, 2020Reply

      Shawna, Thank you so much. I am so glad to have you as a reader

    Susan Block

    July 9, 2020Reply

    Thank you so much, dear Anna, for all you so passionately and thoughtfully share that truly is a gift to us, our community, and our hearts. Your blog is stellar, and I look forward to following forever! 💕


      July 10, 2020Reply

      Thank you so much for your kindness and support. It means so much to me

    Irene Hirshenson

    July 9, 2020Reply

    I’ve just completed my chemo and radiation treatments. Through my whole experience I have followed you on Pinterest. I want to say Thank You! Reading all your cancer journey had prepared me and helped me through mine. You are an inspiration! Congratulations on being cancer free for 5 years. You have a beautiful family!


    September 2, 2020Reply

    Congratulations!!!!! And many more to come
    I just celebrated 1 year cancer free……just started to let go of the fear


      September 2, 2020Reply

      Woohoo! Same to you! Each year is a gift

    Hanadi labbad

    October 16, 2020Reply

    I have been reading your posts since i was first diagnosed with breast cancer…you actually gave me hope and energy to cope with bad moments.thank you for motivation and sharing us everyday of your 5 year cancer … really happy for you….you look beautiful


      October 17, 2020Reply

      You are so kind. I am sending you tons of love and so glad I could help in some small way in your cancer journey

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