5 Tips for Maintaining Self-Care During the Holiday Season

5 Self Care Tips for the Holiday Season
It has been an insane year, season and month though we’re only part of the way in. Moreover, as we enter the holiday season, emotions are heightened, stress is increasing and many of our self-care habits fall to the wayside. So, how can you enter this holiday season intentionally focused on your self-care mentally and physically? In today’s post I am sharing 5 Self-Care routines that help me navigate the holiday season.


It’s so easy to get caught up in the stress of the season, but it you’re not taking care of yourself you won’t have energy to share with anyone else. Also, prioritize time for your own mental health and self-care.
This may in the form of acupuncture, a massage or a therapy session. Find something that helps you reflect and recharge. So, if you don’t have time for a dedicated self-care activity take 5 extra minutes in the car each day to breathe and practice mindfulness. Also, even this small act will have a positive impact. It’s also extremely important to prioritize your sleep during the business season filled with late nights and chaotic days.
Moreover, poor eating, over commitment and lack of sleep can easily lead to depletion and sickness. Making time for sleep will ensure your body has time to heal and repair each night leaving you more refreshed and energized each day. Check out my full self-care menu.
5 Tips for Self Care During the Holiday Season


First, while this year will look different due to COVID, many of us will still have a list of commitments whether they be virtually or in-person. One thing that helps me is making sure that for every event, deadline or commitment I add to the calendar. Also, I schedule downtime. Sometimes this is just 30 minutes to decompress. However, other times it is a full day adjacent to our plans to ensure we have down time.

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Having a dedicated workout space at home can help make exercise easy when your schedule is chaotic. Moreover, I find it hard to find time to workout with busy days and increased stress. However, it’s truly when our bodies need it the most! On our porch I have a recumbent bikeyoga matyoga ballweights, and resistance bands. Having this dedicated space makes it easy for me to bike, or get a short on-demand workout done even when it’s late. So, check out this blog post for more at-home workout resources

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Build a gratitude practice. Plan to begin & end each day with a reflection of what you are grateful for. This could be written, or simply shared with a friend for accountability.⁠ Focusing on gratitude can shift our perspective and relieve stress.


I started taking CBD in May of this year when my anxiety was at an all-time high due to COVID, work, parenting and life after cancer. With consistent use (capsules in the AM and drops at night) I found it helps with the peaks and valleys of my tension and stress. While CBD doesn't take away my anxiety and stress, it does make it more manageable.

CBD (short for Cannabidiol) is one of more than 100 phytocannabinoids, which is unique to cannabis and provides benefits to the body through the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Also, your ECS works to balance all your body's functions and the phytocannabinoid CBD can help to replenish deficiencies due to stress and inflammation. Learn more about my CBD experience.

I trust Equilibria CBD for all my products as they are third-party lab tested and provide high-quality full spectrum products. If you want to give them a try around the holidays you can use MYCANCERCHIC for 15% off. 

5 Tips for Self Care During the Holiday Season_CBD
5 Tips for Self Care During the Holiday Season_CBD
5 Tips for Self Care During the Holiday Season_CBD
5 Tips for Self Care During the Holiday Season_CBD


2020 has been a shit show and as we enter the holiday season I hope everyone can let go of the false expectations for perfection. I am already letting myself off the hook. There will be no perfect place setting, epic tree, or picturesque home decor.

Instead I am focused on memories with my family. This holiday season is for me and my loved ones and how it looks to the outside won’t even be on my radar. I am focused on just being in the mess and joy.

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