Natural Hair and Makeup Tutorial

Whether you are a beauty addict like me or just starting out in the beauty world, videos and tutorial will quickly become a valuable resource.  Seeing someone else break down a beautiful look into simple steps makes flawless beauty attainable for everyone. That is how I learned. I taught myself with hours and hours of YouTube research over multiple years. With time, I became more and more comfortable with makeup and hair styling and learned to have fun trying new looks and experimenting with new products. Learning to successfully style your hair and apply your makeup in a way that is flattering for your face takes a lot of trial and error. Be patient with yourself and consider it a new challenge.

Today I am sharing one of my favorite go-to natural hair and makeup looks with a subtle contour & highlight. This look leaves you with a flawless, glowing face without looking too made up or cakey.  This look is simple enough to wear everyday, or for those who don’t wear makeup often, a date night or a special event. If you want less coverage, you can even skip the foundation and apply a BB cream or a creamy concealer instead. Check out this page for some of my favorite light coverage products.

Blow Dry SprayStyling Brush, MoisturizerEye CreamPrimerFoundationFace OilBeauty BlenderMascaraHighlighting Concealer Contour StickStippling brushUnder eye concealerEyeshadowEyeshadow brushesEyeshadow baseSigma Tapered highlighter brush, Setting PowderContour brushContour PaletteBlush Palette, Lipbalm, Powder brush,  Fan (highlight) brushBrow Pomade,  Brow Brush,  GloMinerals Concealer,  Hair Oil,  1/2″ Straightener

Keep in mind that this look does require quite a few products,  but they are all valuable staples to add to your makeup kit.  You can use these products over and over again in a variety of looks and they will last you a long time. Most of the products I used in this video are ones I use up and re-buy over and over again.

I hope that my obsession with all things beauty helps you on your own beauty journey and inspires you to try a new look and find new ways to feel confident and beautiful! You’re worth it!

What kind of tutorial would you like to see next???



  1. Patrice says:

    Thank you for the video, I love it. My hair is growing out from ovarian cancer and I have no idea what to do with it. You look beautiful and all your tips are so helpful. ?

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