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The Ultimate Baby Registry Guide for New Parents


Working on the baby registry has been a long process. I love to research and it has been so fun getting input from all of you and reading tons of reviews to narrow down our list. While we haven’t tried any of these items with our sweet peanut (9 weeks to go), we sharing what we decided on in hopes that it will help all of you soon to be parents out there as well. After baby C arrives I will do an updated post with all of our first month essentials.

So let’s dive right in! Keep in mind this is very long list and not all of these are essentials. I wanted to share everything we picked out though so you could benefit from our research and all the recommendations we received. I also know I will be referring back to this list as he starts eating to get all the baby led weaning items.

First Trimester: Pregnancy After Loss

Second Trimester Recap


Top Recommended Baby Registry Items

These are the items we had recommended to us the most by current parents

Baby Registry: Transportation/Security

  • Stroller: We tried every stroller on the market and finally went with this one. I feel so good about our decision. Though it was pricier, it is much lighter and more streamline than others we tried. Also you all have raved about it. The Cruz does not come with the bassinet so we bought that separately. If you get the Vista is can fit two kids and comes with the bassinet.
  • Stroller clips
  • Travel stroller – Mac loved this one and we still have it one our list to get for travel after the baby arrives.
  • Stroller organizer
  • Carseat: Weight and safety were key when it came to choosing a carseat. I tried every brand, and finally decided on the Nuna. We did have to get an adapter to fit in the stroller, but it is super easy. I liked the added safety brace with this carseat and the fact that it’s only 6lbs! I tried it with a fake baby weight and it was still manageable!
  • Baby monitor: We reviewed a ton of monitors online and really wanted one with an app for monitoring and sound features. After Emily shared about the Nanit, I compared it to the others we were considering and it won by a landslide. It was so easy to setup (though you may have seen mac using his laser tool on IG stories) and the app is easy to setup.
  • Stroller toy (Avocado)
  • Mini noise machine
  • Back seat mirror


  • Bedside sleeper – went with this one over the Halo because I like how it slides right into the side of your bed.
  • Bassinet stand – so you can easily move from stroller to the house without waking the baby
  • Moses Basket – people shared this is so helpful to set the baby in while you shower or get ready
  • Pack and play – we got this one as a hand me down and it’s so versatile with the changing station, the bassinet and the storage.
  • Soft blankets: Obsessed with this one from Pottery Barn and this one from Nordsrom
  • Crib mattress: at the time of writing this we still haven’t decided. I really want the NewtonBaby but we have a credit at the store we bought the stroller from and they don’t carry the NewtonBaby so we may get the Colgate mattress from them.
  • Crib Sheets
  • Bassinet pad
  • Boppy
  • Bumbo – friends we know loved these for their twins as they began to want to sit up.
  • Swing
  • Baby Bjorn bouncer – you all raved about this and we were able to get one used
  • Baby Lounger – we went with this one over the dock-a-tot

Baby Registry: Clothing

Baby Registry: Feeding

Keep in mind I have no boobs due to breast cancer so breast feeding is not an option. While I grieved this loss a few years ago, it’s been freeing to not have to address breastfeeding now and all the pressure that comes with it. We will be formula feeding and I have done extension research on organic formula for our babe. I’ll report back once I know which ones work for him.

For when he starts eating solids

Baby Registry: Diapering

Baby Registry: Bathtime

Baby Registry: Books/Misc.

Check out the widget below for some of my favorite baby books!

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Baby Registry: Postpartum Care

I’ll do a full post about what I am packing in my hospital bag in a few weeks, but here are a few essentials.

Phew that was long but wow do I love lists. I hope this is helpful for you as all of the other guides were for me!



    October 14, 2019Reply

    I’m a bit surprised at your decision to use disposable diapers. Organic baby formula? So I get that you’re concerned about what goes into your baby. Disposable diapers? I don’t get that you’re more blasé about what goes into the landfills strangling Mother Earth. Yes, I read the Abby & Finn spiel – made from ‘great stuff…’ at first glance. These diapers are filled with plastics. Working full time, taking care of Baby, and laundering diapers are 100% doable – these are all parts of Motherhood; not just looking cute…


      October 14, 2019Reply

      Each parent makes the decisions that are best for them. I am disappointed by your mom shaming. I judge no one for their decisions in parenting.


        November 8, 2019Reply

        Anna, I wasn’t mom shaming – you know me better than that! 😥

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