Breast Cancer

Stronger Than I Knew

breast cancer tattoo design
Tattoo done by Chris at Mad Ethels in Raleigh, NC

When I was first diagnosed, I turned to my husband and told him I didn't think I was strong enough to make it through something so monumentally difficult. I didn't think I had the strength to carry on and the hope necessary to face my own mortality. It turns out I couldn't have been more wrong... I am stronger than I knew!

If you've followed my blog from the beginning you have seen my reflections on personal growth and how I have used this journey as an opportunity to learn more about myself and grow as an individual, a friend and a partner. The insecure woman living in fear who existed prior to cancer is gone. Cancer helped me find the power and self love within that I needed to make this life my own and live each day with purpose and happiness.

When I woke up today, the power of my growth and strength stopped me in my tracks. I was overcome by emotion. After everything I have been through, I cling to these emotions. They serve as proof of my journey -- the reward at the end of the tunnel. I made it through a year filled with pain, struggle and heartbreak. Though I am far from unscathed, the strength and confidence I have gained is a priceless gift.  I now believe that I am worthy of everything that life has to offer. No matter what my future holds and what challenges I must face, I know without a doubt that I am strong enough to survive and thrive!

The tattoo I got today represents all of this power I feel. I am stronger than I ever knew and I will continue to move forward, one day at a time. My story is not finished and I have so many more pages to add.  I hope that my story will inspire you to live your life in the same way. Grateful for every moment and appreciative of your inner beauty and strength. Never underestimate yourself. You are stronger, braver and more beautiful than you ever knew.


    Jessie Bishop

    November 13, 2016Reply

    Anna- I have seen this exponential growth. You are (and were) an amazing woman! Every single day I am awestruck by your positive attitude, strength, and resistance to my attempts at making you use the Oxford comma ? I love you and I’m proud to call you my friend. I look forward to being with you as you write many many more pages!
    PS. The new ink looks great! You’ve inspired me to check out this shop.


      November 13, 2016Reply

      HAHAH I love our Oxford comma wars! Thank you for your support and awesome friendship. I hope you go get some ink from Chris! His detail work is amazing


    November 14, 2016Reply

    I’m so glad you fully recognize the strength I’ve seen in you for years. I’m so proud of you.

    With all my love,
    Your “+1”

    Teresa Harris

    November 14, 2016Reply

    I have been reading your blog from the beginning and always had the feeling that you were a strong women. Your strength and beauty come thru in your writing.

    I love your tattoo, it looks great. I wish you well as you move forward and I am sure that the best is yet to come for you.


      November 15, 2016Reply

      Thank you so much Teresa! I appreciate your continued support and I love your new haircut.

    Melisande Balleste

    December 13, 2016Reply

    Beautiful ratio.

    Melisande Balleste

    December 13, 2016Reply

    Beautiful tattoo


    August 19, 2018Reply

    beautiful post. xoxo


      August 20, 2018Reply

      Thank you very much

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