My Diagnosis & Teatment


Many of the questions I receive are related to my diagnosis and treatment. Compare diagnosis and treatment with other women can be helpful to obtain insight/perspective on your own situation. It is important to keep in mind though that every case is unique even in situations where the diagnosis is exactly the same. Another thing important factor to keep in mind is that many doctors complete staging differently thus two women with the same stage of cancer could have completely different cases.

I share my treatment and diagnosis to provide a context for my writing and I hope that others find this information helpful as they navigate their own treatment.

My Diagnosis: Stage 2b triple positive interductal carcinoma. No lymph node involvement.

My Treatment:

8/10/15 – Right breast mastectomy

8/20/16 – IVF & embryo cryopreservation

9/8/16 – Began chemo TCH(Docetaxel + Carboplatin + Trastuzumab) + Lupron (for ovarian suppression)

12/29/15 – Finished chemo!!!!

2/2/16 – Left breast mastectomy, immediate reconstruction + delayed reconstruction on right breast (expanders)

8/30/16 – Finished Herceptin!!!

12/1/16- Implant exchange surgery




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