Curling Short Hair With a Straightener

I am so embarrassed to admit this, but I filmed this video for you all back in September. It has been sitting on my desktop ever since and every time I log in I am reminded of how late I am uploading this. I know this is a much requested tutorial, so I finally made time to edit and upload the content.

This is how I curl my hair most days. I find it much easier to curl short hair with a straightener than with a curling iron or wand. As my hair gets longer, I will probably transition back to my 1″ wand but the 1/2″ straightener is perfect for creating piece-y textured curls. If you’re hair is too short to use the 1/2″ I use in this video you can also do the same method with this mini straightener. I use that a lot during my pixie stage and as my chemo curls grew out.

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